“Bernie and the Money Changers”

I really had hoped that Bernie was going to get that nomination. Unfortunately, the “Money Changers” were in control all along. It was obvious that more people liked Bernie than liked Hillary. All you had to do was look at the turnout to their separate events. The final decision was not that of the people, it was from the delegates. Many of them had agendas that had nothing to do with the will of the people. The party name of Democrat has very little or nothing to do with democracy. It was/is all about money and influence. Like the Republican Party, it’s the money and the “Money Changers” (Wall Street) that are really running things. The pictures that their lead actors paint (the candidates) are just the latest con job to keep the public distracted, under control, and fooled into believing they have a democracy and that voting decides the outcome. Even if a true count of the votes does decide who will be President, the choice is just one Wall Street puppet or the other. Someone with the values and ethics of Bernie Sanders would be, not unlike Jesus, an enemy truly feared by those proverbial Money Changers.

In spite of his definite lead over Hillary among the public, he was never going to be selected. Perhaps the official vote count (of the public) from the various states was a majority for Hillary. If so, I would have to wonder if that count was real. That process is easily corrupted and I have no doubt that it has been and will be.

Bernie’s unfortunate use of the word ‘socialism’ may have done as much to sabotage his campaign as the corrupted Democratic National Convention he was part of. A public that has chosen to remain ignorant never even knew, or knows, what Democratic Socialism –not simply Socialism– is! The very things that this public wants could be had with a majority of representatives having the same philosophy as Sanders. And, that same willful ignorance by the public will guarantee it never gets what it wants!!!

If you are reading this then, by all means, use this link to read about Democratic Socialism. It is not a way for the government to control everything, but a way for the people to be in control. It is not a way to maintain a welfare state where lots of people are taken care of the state and never have to work. It is not the old USSR or China. It is a way for the people to control the wealth and politics of a country and not the rich and the state. Done correctly, it can allow for everything the people of this country hope for.

There is one problem that will cause the quality of life to be reduced for an ever growing percentage of the population no matter what sort of politics are in force… overpopulation. By not controlling population growth, we insure the increase of all our problems and we make any possible solutions that much more impossible. Allowing wealth and prosperity for most or all the people would only serve to speed up the process of overpopulation. The resources we depend on to manufacture much of what we use will begin to run out… and are going to. Renewable resources, such as food, will no longer be enough. Increased use of fossil fuels will [and it is going to anyway] warm the environment so that it kills us. Transitioning, in time, to environmentally friendly, renewable energy would only prolong our existence to the point where the planet cannot sustain our increased numbers.

Bernie was going to be the enemy of Wall Street and the most-wealthy. It simply was not going to happen, but if he were to actually become President, I have no doubt that he would be assassinated. We have not had one of those in a long time. Since Vietnam, Americans no longer unite to stand up against the government. The government has become more corrupt than ever before and the public no longer has the will to defend its democracy. Thanks to the great propaganda machine, the mass media, the majority of the public is ignorant and has no real knowledge of what is happening to this country.

Of course, there are real solutions. From the looks of it, we will never use them.


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