Arctic Methane

My ultimate, ongoing concern with the climate problem is Methane. The northern permafrost areas are melting back at an accelerating rate and releasing as much CO2 as humans did in 1950. Add that to what we humans emit now. There are millions of square miles of it and it is loaded with the stuff. Micro organisms in the soils eat carbon and emit carbon dioxide. Perhaps even more dangerous than that is the Arctic Ocean. Methane Hydrate floats around in parts of it like a slushy drink but that is only a small fraction of what lies beneath. There are very large swaths of frozen methane laced along the seabed of the Arctic Ocean with enough volume to kill the life on this planet 10 times over. The covering ice above is tapering back at an alarming rate, the surrounding atmosphere is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, warming ocean currents from Pacific and Atlantic flow into it while increasing exposure to the sun acts on the water there. Other sources of methane around the world have been increasing. Methane is at least 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. There is the future potential of a warming event to send enough methane out of the Arctic Ocean, over a period of just several days, sufficient in volume to kill off practically all life on this planet. I have collected links to relevant articles and am pasting them here.

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